This week long program is designed for those who would like to uplift their spirit at the core, change tracks and move directly into their light at a rapid pace.  This program will release the anchors that are weighing you down to come back up into the light, and connect to your true, authentic higher self.

This is perfect for people that are traveling, need to get through a difficult situation quickly, or if your soul has been on the back-burner. It can be beneficial to reconnect to your soul in a new city when you are disengaged from your trigger points.

What You Might Expect:

  • Reconnection

  • Forgiveness

  • Heart expansion

  • A liberating and deep release of old patterns and programs and past life karma

  • Aquatic rebirthing for a fresh start

  • Soul light refresher

  • Spiritual tools to manage and maintain a high vibe

  • Release blocks to manifesting the life of your dreams

  • Set forth with your reboot with joy and empowerment!!!



Here's the agenda, which can be personally tailored for your specific needs

  • Complimentary remote FaceTime consultation to design your program

  • 6 Energy Sessions

    • Deep cleansing, chord cutting, past life, karmic clearing and release of blocked chakras

    • Repair the integrity of your chakras, your connecting point and your auric field

    • Refill your tank! Bring in all of your Divine light, solidly connect you to Source,

    • Aquatic rebirth to release all family programs that no longer serve you

    • Balance and harmonize your Divine Feminine and Evolved Masculine

    • Somatic manifesting to release blocks in your body to bring forth your dreams

    • Reiki classes to give you the energetic tools to move forward with empowerment! - Reiki One and Two -

      Soul Investment: $888.00

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