I aspire to assist the planet, people and animals to ascend to a higher consciousness by performing energetic healing sessions in Austin and remotely. This helps my mission to transmit a high vibration to the collective consciousness and break down outdated constructs and illusions. It is my hope to transform old patterns to bring oneness, peace, harmony and abundance internally, and send a new high vibration out in Austin, and to the world.
— With love & light, Karen Cay


Gina saw Karen Cay for Spirit Lighter and Guide Lighter Sessions.

Karen Cay is a healer’s healer. Karen is very authentic and very real. She comes to the session very genuine with authenticity and no agenda. I was very impressed about how much we accomplished in one hour. I left feeling lighter and transformed. It is important to me to see a healer that practices self-care like me and Karen definitely does. She will meet you where you are at in your awareness and guide you energetically at just the right speed. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND KAREN!
— Gina Caccavalla, Founder Of AyurYogaSpa, Ayurveda Practitioner, Yoga Teacher/Trainer and Body Therapist.
I wanted to work through some PAST PAIN from my childhood and I wanted to CLEAR that because of the way it was affecting my present. My experience in the session was so POWERFUL and much more PROFOUND than I was even expecting.
— Jane Sampson, Owner/Founder of Pure Touch Massage, Massage Therapist and Reiki Master/Teacher

Jane is also a gifted healer and saw Karen Cay for Spirit Lighter Sessions, Space Clearing for her Massage Practice, and took Reiki, Level One, Two and Reiki Master/Teacher course from Karen Cay.

After a healing session with Karen, I was able to clear a pattern I’ve dealt with for years. I now can embrace and appreciate who I am, in a way where I don’t sacrifice my own needs to satiate another person’s happiness. Karen’s healing sessions are transforming and inspiring, they pave a way for you to go inward and heal at a soul level. Be prepared to spread your wings and fly…soar into your destiny!
— Melissa M

Karen was ah-mazing! Her space is beautiful, full of great energy and so inviting. Karen’s positive at-ease nature shines bright and is so welcoming and even contagious! I knew I immediately was in the right space with a truly gifted healer. The guidance she gave me resonated with me so soundly. She released blocks and cut chords to the people and situations that were not serving my higher self. Karen has authentic sincerity and spot-on intuition and guidance. I savored every minute of our session and am so looking forward to having another session. My internal guidance that led me straight to Karen served me well! I left feeling amazing, free and light with a stronger sense of confidence and control. Thank you Karen!!!
— Ashley Steinmetz - Founder of Perfect Wave Marketing

I came away feeling LIGHTER, BRIGHTER, and more CONNECTED.
— Jon Zieve, Life Coach, Trust Your Energy, LLC

Jon saw Karen Cay for Spirit Lighter Sessions, Space Clearing Sessions and took Reiki Master/Teacher course from Karen Cay.

Karen is truly a gifted woman! Our session was powerful and her ability to connect is undeniable. From the moment I sat down with her, I felt a peace that I can’t say I’ve felt in some time. Several times during our session she verbalized things I had just been thinking/visualizing. She was able to help clear difficulties I have had over the loss of my son and over personal relationships. All I can say is WOW, and thank you for sharing your beautiful gift!
— Melissa

Thank you Karen for the information you have given me from your guides! Cay is so connected and compassionate and humble when she relays messages. I received some major unexpected insights that really reframed a difficult issue and enabled me to view a painful experience from a higher perspective. Karen has the ability to really get out of the way and let information flow from the angels or beings she is channeling. I do not usually receive visual information but when I connect with Karen it always amps up my own abilities. Karen is also a wonderful teacher – I have taken her first two Reiki classes (so far) and she made the material easy and fun. You WILL feel the attunements! Looking forward to working with her more!
— Kim

I’ve known Karen for over 20 years and she has always been a spiritual person and she has grown leaps and bounds. I highly recommend Karen Cay!
— Sandals, ER Nurse

Sandals saw Karen Cay for Spirit Lighter Sessions

Karen is an incredible energy healer! She just knows where you need the healing and she calls those higher forces of love and light to assist her with a very intuitive and deep healing. She has a clear communication with her guides and she listens clearly to direct energy where it needs to go. I am an intuitive myself, and I’m very aware and sensitive of other people’s energy; therefore, I am very particular about who I will let do healing work on me. I must first feel that the healer has a very pure loving energy, that is free from any ulterior motives or energy manipulation for self serving purposes. Karen is one of those extraordinary healers! I had a wonderful healing session with her and I would recommend her services to anyone, without reservation
— Sharon

I’ve experienced big life changes over the last year: moving from my home into a small apartment and seeing my 23 year marriage end. And as I begin my next journey I wanted, no I needed, to begin clearing the negative energy and pain from my life. Karen cleared my little living space and then she went to work on me. Her gentle spirit and gift of seeing one’s energy led us to a very emotional session. I could feel the negative energy leaving my body and the peaceful energy taking its place. I cannot recommend Karen highly enough to anyone seeking freedom from things which haunt, worry or pain them.
— Kay

I recently moved back into my home after leasing for 18 months. I really wanted to begin my new journey in my home with a clean slate and a conscious appreciation for how blessed I was to own such a gift. I was fortunate to meet Karen, who has an incredible spiritual gift and an intuitive spirit for the process of “clearing ones house”. She was instrumental in bringing the positive energy back into my home. The experience was very powerful and physically felt. My home is not the same house that I lived in previously and it was a powerful change! I would highly recommend her services and talents to anyone.
— Patty

I partook in a remote, energetic healing session with Karen this past Saturday to clear out my cobwebs. It was wonderful. I went into a very relaxed, hypnotic state where I really was able to benefit from Karen’s energy work. With her expert guidance, I was able to begin the removal of some old blockages to my energy fields. I feel much better already and look forward to working more with Karen. She also, very appropriately, perceptively and succinctly put into words what I had been formulating on my own for the past years in that my female energy has been blocked and the blockages have surfaced with injuries to my left side body. She recognized my suppression of my female energy and the need for me to allow it to resurface again. Blessings to all and may you be blessed to have Ms. Massey’s guidance in her healing energy modalities.
— Marci

Even though I am new to energy healings, I can highly recommend Karen’s gift and knowledge as a healer. Through my sessions with her, I have been given the insightful guidance to move forward. The healing process is what I’ve needed to address blocks in my life. The healing sessions were the most effective approach for me. I look forward to becoming a student of her Reiki Master/Teacher course in the near future. I am grateful for Karen’s gift and willingness to share with others.
— Sandy

What a wonderful experience I had with Karen. She is blessed with an amazing spiritual gift. While balancing my Chakras, I could instantly feel weight lifted off of me. We worked through many blocks I have been experiencing. I have tried to be more in tune with my spiritual side, yet a lot of times get distracted by the world we live in and trying to control things myself. After just one session with her I am much more in tune with that side that keeps me grounded and balanced. I cannot wait to do more sessions with her to continue this life long growth practice. I highly suggest that you see Karen and let her work with you to better yourself and your higher being.
— April